Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spring rain, lilacs, blooms

Well, I believe Spring is has been raining a lot, but that just means more blossoms! I have been busy painting the deck and porches, transplanting, mulching, etc...
I feel like I am progressing, just not very quickly. I am trying to keep in mind that every little task behind me is good.

With all this rain, I had remembered a photo of my son at age three. He loved to play after a big rain. This was taken at our first home in the country.
If there was a puddle around, Ed would find it! I must admit that if I were his age, I would be doing the same thing,lol.

The garden is at that stage where the fern are a third way unfurling, the crab apple, Dogwood, Quince and lilac blossoms are showing themselves beautifully. This time of year, when I cut my first lilac bouquet, it is bittersweet. My mother in law always received my first lilac cuttings of the season. This year I cut the darker purple ones too although they don't smell as nice as the old fashioned lighter kind. I will take a garden walk soon and share pics.
I surprised mom with a new covered porch swing for Mother's day. I'm hoping that it will entice her outside in the fresh air more often. She said after I left she decided to lay on it and she was lulled to sleep. They are comfortable.

I took advantage of the rainy day and finished another CQ project digest. This one is on making a sun visor that slips onto your glasses. You can slip it into your purse when its not needed. I'm going to make them in a variety of colors. Great for beach combing.
Those visors that clamp on your head give me a headache, and the ones with the adjustable band catch my hair, so this version is perfect for me. I hope you try one...or more. If you do, I'd love to see it.

I have a few errands to run so I'm off for now. Thanks for stopping by and have a great evening! Stay dry if its raining where you are.


  1. I will admire your lilacs, but from a distance (allergies). I so love their scent. Inspired design for a visor btw!!

  2. Oh so always love your blog and the sharing that you do on it. The Lilacs are just beautiful and what a wonderful present for Mom, love a swing they just make you sleepy Hugs and don't work to hard in the yard. oxoxoxox YRoT

  3. Glad your mom liked her swing.Loved Ed as a little boy in the water!!


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